Wan Gangqin needy have?Let the bullets fly for a while

  Netizens seriously, not don’t want to difficult family a better life, but worried that grant to others.   allArticle 821 words, reading aboutNeed to 2 minutes   Bring about figure source network   Recently, a “Shanghai pudong new area government officials visiting the needy families”, has been accused of “tip ping”.This news with the two pictures: a child is difficult family “little soup” […]

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The Indian air force one “jaguar” fighter jet crashed

According to The Times of India reported that the Indian air force one “jaguar” fighter-bombers Kushinagar crash of uttar pradesh in northern India. The crash scene graph It is reported that the plane from Gorakhpur air force base is routine tasks.The pilot safely, according to the In dian security ejection.At present, the Indian air force has set up a panel […]

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After all the IG beat JDG firefight, struck the LPL fir

  JD team in the new season is celebrated their new home, home is the first game and coalition against the first teams IG.So LPL last season there is a sa ying called home charm, is the team won’t win the first game at home, have ended in failure, although JD team in the n ew season is also come up […]

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Guangxi woman breast implants died family members

  On Jan. 25, Ms. Li xin ai clinic with the deceased family members come to an understanding.   According to xin ai outpatient service provided by the families of the dead in respect of understanding book shows:   Ms. Lee “on January 18 ‘, ‘autologous fat breast enhancement surgery on January 20, medical accident death ca used by force majeure, xin silver […]

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Storm group PLC flash crash: January 19 times has bee

On January 25th afternoon, storm group (300431 SZ) share price plunge, plummeting, closed at 8.01 yuan per share, touches down.Previously, the Beijing news reported that the storm group series case the person subjected to execution list by Beijing court. “Lack of money is the storm” group of 2018 keywords.Financial data show that since 2018, the storm of group per formance […]

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Man the net love failed suicide, mother of god “last”

  ”A man for love and death a disgrace.Qian son, I’m going.”January 16, late at night, live in nantong port gate police station police kicked in xiao wu to hospital in time, after the house at present, the xiao wu has no big deal.   Man the net love failed suicide, mother of god “last” : you don’t even know the somebody […]

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A vice-president of Beida International Hospital cou

Yesterday, it was reported in the media that a deputy dean of Peking University International Hospital had been appointed by a number of physicians in the Department of Neurology of the hospital. Diagnosed as “moderate to severe dementia” and “dementia”, and repeatedly brush the medical insurance card to prescribe drugs. Except for the vice-president’s involvement. In addition to false diagnosis […]

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Female idol stole ten thousand yuan clothes, is i

  Recently a Japanese female idol for stealing a $ten thousand designer coat the arre st caused heated debate, netizens have Tian Cai, 23, is a member and the women had been cherry blossom Cin   derella, graduated in July last year, has formally, but surprisingly soon thereafter was arrested for theft.   Many netizens all wonder at the news, the stars […]

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Fan bingbing party denied default hanah paid!But

  Because tax evasion, the heat of the fan bingbing is cool enough.This let netize ns feel pity, had good cause have been destroyed, and the fan bingbing want s to stage a comeback is more difficult.But this wave of open something new is coming, fan bingbing, once again lost in the wave of public opinion, what’s the matter?And see it […]

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Angelababy commercials, this “pot” back to the tru

  Recently, a Angelababy protect pangolin psas sparked controversy.Embrace a pangolin in the advertisement, the baby in the body, such as holding the newborn baby, to the public: “no business, no killed, I don’t promise pangolin milk”.   Data diagram, the official xinhua news agency   Advertising, was blasted by the netizen: “don’t shoot the AD is not how many people know pangolin […]

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